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Connect + Solve is an online collaborative platform established by ELIDZ Science and Technology Park (STP) to increase the demand for, and the capacity to generate and respond to relevant innovations in the Eastern Cape. 

Connect + Solve connects innovators ranging from individuals, SME’s, research institutions and corporates to innovation seekers with real business needs and with access to resources to develop, fund and potentially commercialise solutions, technologies etc.

How does it work?

Connect + Solve connects solution seekers and solution providers by engaging the Open Innovation market to find solutions for challenges posed by regional innovation seekers from government, state-owned enterprises, private companies and local communities; whilst creating opportunities for solution providers and entrepreneurs from the region. Where appropriate, innovation will also be fast tracked in the region by building a global tier for Connect + Solve to showcase local innovations globally and to find global partners, markets and suppliers when not available locally.

What should you do?

First you have to register on Connect + Solve.  Once registered, you are able to interact with solution seekers by responding to challenges posted on the website.  As a member of Connect + Solve, you can also showcase your own technology offers and receive responses from interested solution seekers directly via email.   You are able to share your profile also connect with other members and by completing your own profile you make it possible for other members to connect with you based on your skills and industry. 

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About the ELIDZ STP

The East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ), established in 2003, is a prime industrial park offering customised solutions for various industries including automotive, agro-processing and aquaculture. It offers growth-oriented companies a specialised manufacturing platform, innovative industrial and business solutions and access to new markets and strategic industry networks.  Read more...

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